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OCDMA for Label Switching in Optical Burst Mode MPLS Networks

Projet de 3eme cycle réalisé par Pegah Seddighian

Problématique :
Today's information networks carry a larger and larger percentage of data compared to voice traffic. The optical network infrastructure must adapt to optimally deliver predominantly data traffic, while still providing the quality of service required for voice and video transmission. The limited speed of electronic routers will be the major bottleneck in future optical networks. To resolve this shortcoming, the routers must operate in the optical domain, exploiting multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). Optical code-division multiple access (OCDMA) is a promising technology to attain this target, particularly using optical code processing.

In this work we investigate an optimal router based on OCDMA, where the most important challenges are 1) the complexity of code processing, 2) the size of the code family and 3) optical buffering requirements. Various optical codes are being examined to provide the best detection methods in optimizing the switch architecture.

Calendrier :
Du 26 février 2004 au 17 février 2004

Dernière modification par Pegah Seddighian
Le jeudi 26 février 2004 à 13h43