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Optical surface waves over metallo-dielectric nanostructures: Sommerfeld integrals revisited
Bora Ung et Yunlong Sheng

Optics Express
num. 12, vol. 16, pp.9073-9086,
4 juin 2008
Type: Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture

The asymptotic closed-form solution to the fundamental diffraction problem of a linear horizontal Hertzian dipole radiating over the metallo-dielectric interface is provided. For observation points just above the interface, we confirm that the total surface near-field is the sum of two components: a long-range surface plasmon polariton and a short-range radiative cylindrical wave. The relative phases, amplitudes and damping functions of each component are quantitatively elucidated through simple analytic expressions for the entire range of propagation: near and asymptotic. Validation of the analytic solution is performed by comparing the predictions of a dipolar model with recently published data.


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